About us

The best of both worlds

At Neospeq we blend design and manufacturing as seamlessly and naturally as Yin & Yang. We understand that in today’s global village, flexibility, cost and service are the key to success and that’s why we’ve developed a unique modular approach that provides our customers with a more practical and affordable solution to large scale furnishing projects.

Our Philosophy

We salute the extra and anti-ordinary, the wonderful and the one-off. A good piece tells a story, makes the mundane into a celebration, transforms an event from special into iconic. There is a reason some designs are called timeless, as they have survived endless evolutions and trends. Attention to detail, aesthetics and quality are words we take to heart, even if it’s not always easy, but that’s the thing with doing a job you love - it never seems like work.

Our story

Our story begins with Neo Leung, who for over a decade worked with many of the world’s leading designers - leaving a design footprint in some of the world’s most recognizable establishments. This also led to the birth of invaluable relationships with some of the world’s best suppliers, opening up unique sourcing and trading channels that allowed him to translate great visions into the highest calibre of deliverables. Despite the great experience, Neo always felt there was something missing in the process; a fluid approach that balanced between design, sourcing and manufacturing, and between service and affordability. With Neospeq, he brings a holistic vision that caters to the bottom line without compromising on quality and finishing. Our story is just beginning, but with each new project a new chapter is being written.

Our team

  • Neo Leung

    Neo Leung

    Founder & Director

    Neo brings over a decade of experience, working with some of the world’s leading designers, leaving a trail and footprint of impressive projects across the globe. Neo is recognized for his unbridled passion and hands-on approach, leveraging his experience, insights and global network to turn every project into something special. As a child obsessed with my Lego sets, I dreamt of building a metropolis one day. Already back then I had a vivid imagination and that’s where I probably gained my sense of aesthetic and developed my attention to detail. By founding Neospeq, I might not end up building a metropolis, but I am definitely reconnecting to that wonderful sense of freedom and creativity I once had as a child.

  • Phoebe Huang

    Phoebe Huang

    Business Development Manager

    Phoebe worked for the wholesale and manufacturing industries for 7 years. She brings the Neospeq her experience in international product management and customer service. Her creation and philosophy of business strategy helping all our units moving smoothly to approach our highest standard of service and quality. She loves to communicate with team and client, and which she believes is the key to push the business boundary by truly connecting each one who involved in the unique project.

  • Michael Tan

    Michael Tan

    Quality Control Manager

    Michael is a man obsessed with detail and constantly on the move to ensure every product meets the highest standards. Prior to joining Neospeq, Michael worked for 6 years as a project manager @ Blum, where he gained invaluable experience working with global brands and designers. Michael is motivated by beauty and aesthetics and by seeing great ideas born. He is happily married to May and has two children, Connie and Jesse.

  • Gary Liu

    Gary Liu

    Project Manager

    Graduated from the interior and architect design college in Guangzhou China, Gary has spent 12 years in space design and furniture design, and due to his experience as a contractor since 2013, his understanding and operation of project management have become his vision and talent to approach the combination of design and quality. As a father of two kids, rowing is his spare time favorite. Row the boat upstream against the current is the best part of his life as working as a project manager to challenge every new project.

  • William Cooper

    William Cooper

    Project Manager Assistant

    William participated in the establishment of some leading restaurant brands and became an essential part of their development. Inspired and motivated by the experience of working with the designer and project manager, William realized that he is obsessed with the passion for interiors and craft. He also has been a band guitarist and lead singer for several years make him adventurous and willing to try in the different field of art. His sensitivity to art gives him a unique vision into aesthetics. Moreover, William's insight and enthusiasm for creative thinking makes every project an exciting challenge

  • Davon Fang

    Davon Fang

    Account & Office Manager

    Davon has been working as the account manager in our industry for almost ten years. His comprehensive experience of integration and dedicated obsession of details gives Davon the perspective and insight to each communication. And he understands building a solid and subtle bridge between the client and factory is the key to ensuring the project smoothly and efficiently. As the gearbox of office, Davon always bring joy and delicacy to release our sense of working in Neospeq where he genuinely believes solidarity with each family member will boost the most positive and sincere motivation.