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Neospeq manufactures high-end furniture that finely balances between quality & cost

A Passion for Perfection

A Passion for Perfection

Once upon a time, China was known for its superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. Foreigners flocked from across the globe to witness firsthand what we had to offer, from raw materials to scarce ingredients, from design to execution. Neospeq seeks to tap into that age-old tradition and balance it with the advanced manufacturing capacities we have in China today to bring you a future that balances between cost and quality.

Our Story

Glocal Design

Leading global design MADE IN CHINA. We call that Glocal.

Custom Built

You provide the vision, we provide everything else. From prototyping, to sourcing to manufacturing all the way to supply & delivery.

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Custom Built

Think Big

We provide homes, hotels, restaurants, offices and establishments with a turn-key furnishing solution, balancing budget and quality without blinking.

Top Shelf, Last Word

  • Digital-Printed Solution Available

    Neospeq is always on the road to providing a better solution for your unique project. We collaborate with the trendy wallpaper & decorative panel supplier @aoimika Aoimika to convey the essence and exclusive products that meet all aesthetic needs. Our digital-printed wallpaper and wallcovering solution that mix with design and technology offers the supreme artistic, high-end craftsmanship, and impressive harmony to different venues.

  • Mockup Room Topclass Poly Zhuhai

    I wanted to send my best wishes to all of our customers, colleagues, and friends in this challenging time of the global health crisis. With two months of sacrifices, we overcome the most massive difficulty in this unprecedented circumstance. I sincerely hope all my customers and friends all over the world stay well, safe, and healthy. Since the outbreak and lockdown due to the COVID-19, Neospeq team took the most cautious act and effort to remain our project operating as smoothly as possible. We are honor to work closely together with all my crew and suppliers on the latest project for MUR Topclass Poly in Zhuhai Guangdong. We will continue to serve you at levels. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional and latest information you may require.

  • Neospeq Penthouse Is Opened

    With all colleague’s contribution, Neospeq Penthouse is ready to go. As an international furniture company, Neospeq is providing a holistic and professional solution to help the clients fulfill the vision for their house, restaurant, office, and other different amazing venues. By seeing the lighting hue, touching the sofa upholstery, smelling the natural timber, listening to the custom music, drinking the pour-over coffee, with your six senses in our Penthouse showroom to understand more about our commitment to bringing the quality and aesthetic to real life.

  • Royal Stacks Burger shop Shenzhen

    Loving the throne chair, and this vaporwave and the digital age represented in this dystopian scheme. We Celebrated the luxe mix of regal textures and materials with a touch of industrial. The details on the dining table and throne chair are so striking. The hint of bold and fun with lighting hue and timbers finish. Featuring the eye-catching combination between vinyl, timber, and mesh metal of custom furniture by Neospeq. Such a gorgeous designed by Studio Y.

  • Neospeq Penthouse

    Neospeq Penthouse is the remarkable milestone of our decade adventure, committing to bring the evocative enlightenment for furniture and venues furnishing experience. The penthouse locates in the Town of Lecong, Furniture City of China, assimilates into the cradle of Lingnan Culture, also known as Southern China Culture. That's the reason we want to inject the Chinese Ink into our branding concept — a fusion of Western and Eastern. We are still busy working on our Penthouse showroom, and we hope it will be in front of the curtain in July!

  • Welcome On Board

    We are excited to show our warmest welcome to our new member of Neospeq. Davon, an experienced and modest man with passion and enthusiasm. His comprehensive experience of integration and dedicated obsession of details gives Davon the perspective and insight to each communication. We do believe with the support and experience from Davon, and we can create better quality and service for our most respected client and projects.

  • Tanzanian Project

    Bringer of happiness, a gift of decade friendship. Neospeq proudly to make our precious friend’s dream come true, a vision to create a cozy, elegant, and modern house for his family, and salute to African and Arabian tradition. It’s a challenge to source the relevant timber to acclimatize the African climate, which is dramatically hot and dry. Meanwhile, details and finishes have to be adjusted according to the character of particular timber for our client’s house. We want to balance the upmarket and earthy for this project, try to bring our client the products not shinning but timeless.

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